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We are at Antim Sanskar Seva Services in Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, Indirapuram and are committed to give the greatest and most memorable funerals possible for your loved ones. Amidst the sadness, rituals can sometimes play a pivotal role that can hold the core beliefs of one’s culture in an otherwise hopeless situation.

These rituals help us in processing the suffering of losing somebody we cherish. Cultural practices and rituals help the person find meaning in letting someone go. Some religious practices do not allow the burning of the body, they bury them underneath. Meanwhile, some burn them to give them moksha (peace).

Hindu culture considers burning the body as an ultimate sacrifice. The Sanskrit word for death is death which symbolizes, “death of the body” but not the soul. When our loved ones die their body perishes letting the soul free from the mortal world. The soul continues its journey from birth, death to final liberation.

The final period of a person’s life is just as important and valuable as the rest of their life. And we can assist you in any way possible to make that moment happen and immortalize your loved one as a memory.

At Antim Sanskar Seva Service, we are committed to providing you with all the services in an affordable and timely manner. While you are grieving, we make sure you don’t feel alone running door to door for help. We assure you to manage all your last rites, giving your loved ones a memorable goodbye.

  • We arrange for Panditji/Purohit to administer the death rites at your place.
  • We will pick up and transport your loved one’s body from the hospital to their house or cremation place as needed.
  • We’ll reserve places at the cremation ground and handle all wood, samagri, and other services.

For the departed soul, we provide all funeral and cremation services. All activities, from ambulance to cremation, are organized at a reasonable cost by us. From the hearse to the cremation to the prayer meeting, we handle every detail of a funeral service. With dignity, we plan obituaries, memorial services, and floral arrangements. 

Our professional funeral team will arrive at your home with all of the necessary items and will guide you through the full funeral process. You can rely on us for customized funerals according to your traditional values. 

We will do everything in our hands to give peace of mind to your friends and family members. Above all, we will make sure all the rites are performed with utmost care. We’ll take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about planning a funeral or final rites. 

Antim Sanskar Seva service near you will also attempt to advise you on any ceremonies that must be performed according to your culture, if you so desire, by consulting priests. We realize how saddening is to lose a beloved. There will always be a void that can never be filled, we cannot bring back the dead, but assure you to be with you in these tough times. 

If you are searching for Antim Sanskar Seva near me then it is the right place for you. We can’t take away your pain, but we can assist you with the best of Antim Sanskar services, which are available at any time.

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