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Asthi Visarjan

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Asthi Visarjan Services in Delhi

Athi Visarjan is a ritual of immersing the ashes of a loved one after they have been successfully cremated. This ritual at the funeral home mainly exists in the Hindu scriptures, and it is well believed that scattering these ashes in holy waters can help release their soul from the bondage of life and support their life achieve liberation.

The last journey team from Antim Sanskar Seva will dedicate themselves to assisting you when performing the services of Asthi Visarjan in holy water. We will also help you select the right damage and pandits to make the perfect puja happen while catering to your comforts.

Asthi visarjan is essential in every mourning process in Hindu culture, but it is never easy to deal with as it brings a turmoil of stress about the change that is taking place. So we ensure that every characteristic of Antim Sanskar Seva Noida, Delhi service fits your busy schedule. Our assistance in Asthi Visarjan includes the availability of comfortable transportation for your family and you in and around Delhi.

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Asthi Visarjan services also hold much significance as a goodbye ceremony to the cherishable person you have lost. So we intend to provide you with a pundit who possesses sufficient soulful departure puja. With the knowledge we offer you, the pundit will perform every ceremony at cremation grounds in Delhi, depending on your caste. They also share some essential learnings that will help you pray and heal.

Asthi Visarjan services are religious ceremonies, and they require the use of auspicious and holy items. The Antim Sanskar Seva team will ensure that all the necessary damage is in the arrangement before the time to ensure the ceremony goes peacefully. All the items we bring to the ceremony are of peak quality to ensure you have a good experience.

Before Asthi Visarjan finishes, you will also receive a cremation pot or Urn from holding the remains of your loved one before you immerse it. It is an extraordinary thing, and it captures the last essence of someone. And we will provide a series of attractive urns and pots to help you make the ceremony memorable, along with decoration for funeral service.

We will also manage the traffic inside the ceremony to ensure no crowd gathers unnecessarily. We guarantee peace during the ceremony, where you pay homage to the person you lost without any complications or hurdles. We will ensure the entire ceremony will go comfortably and smoothly for you and whoever you invite from the beginning to the end.


For Hindu religions, Asthi Visarjan is a crucial religious ritual after someone passes away. Asthi is the small pot or urn that carries the ashes of the other person.

You should collect the Asthi or urn on the cremation day itself or the 3rd, 7th, or 9th, day since the cremation. You can then immerse the Asthi in the water of Ganga before it reaches the 10th day since the funeral.

There are unique places in and around Delhi that allow you to do the process of Asthi Visarjan, and we can take you there.

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