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Chautha and Tehravin

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Chautha and Tehravin Services

Death comes unexpectedly and suddenly leaving behind all the legacy and memories. But some religious rituals believe that death is not ultimate. The death of a person lasts more than a day. There is a list of ceremonies and rituals that take place after one’s death. 

In Hindu culture, on the fourth day of mourning, family members perform funeral rites known as Chautha and on the thirteen-day, it is Tehravin. The loved ones of the departed gather together to share condolences and prayers. 

At Antim Sanskar Seva, we make all the arrangements on your behalf. Our Chautha and Tehravin Services are catered and designed to fulfill all your religious beliefs. The Hindu customary rituals and the grieving period last up to thirteen days. 

Following the cremation service, people might do various religious ceremonies and rituals according to their family values. The Antim Sanskar Seva provides these Tehravin and Chautha services in nearby areas of Delhi NCR, Noida Ghaziabad, and Indirapuram.

Chautha and Tehravin services near me

We at Antim Sanskar Seva are deeply saddened by your loss. We believe you should spend the last few minutes of your life with your loved one without a hundred emotions flying through your head.

We are the best Chautha Service providers in Delhi and we will take care of everything for you. Our team will help you plan everything from the ambulance service to the last day of mourning, that is Tehravin. Every detail will be taken care of as per your family traditions. 

We provide the following services for Tehravin and Chautha: 

  • We advance the book to the prayer hall.
  • Frame the photograph with the frame according to the specification. 
  • Elegant and beautiful floral arrangements will be done. 
  • Catering services for all the guests and family members.
  • Priest or pandit for performing the prayers. 

When your loved one dies, Antim Sanskar Seva will help you in providing a comprehensive solution for you to ease your grief. We can assist with a dead body van, crematorium services, funeral arrangements, and priests. We are the best Tehravin providers and always strive to assist bereaved families in planning their loved one’s final rites in every possible way.


The Chautha ceremony happens on the fourth day of the death, and it is the moment when relatives and family gather together to sing Geeta pravachan and Shanti path together.

Hindu religious people believe that the soul of the dead stays with us for thirteen days because it is unable to break contact instantly with the body.

The ceremony of chautha depends on what you and your family prefer, but generally, we will arrange prayer halls for the ceremony. You can also alert us if you require artists, and we can put those as well.

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