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Dead Body Freezer Box

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Dead Body Freezer Box in Noida, Indirapuram & Ghaziabad

Antim Sanskar Seva provides the best dead body freezer box for your loved ones. Death in a family can be very saddening and devastating, especially if you have lost someone close to you. At these times we cannot replace your beloved, but we can help you with all we can. Our understanding and compassionate staff will be helping you to give high-quality professional services in your tough times.

Our team at Antim Sanskar Seva will provide you with all of the essential services for a funeral, from the hearse through the cremation to the prayer meeting. We also respectfully prepare obituaries, remembrances, and floral arrangements in memory of your dead loved ones.

Death doesn’t come announced. It can come anywhere and anytime. There are moments when your loved ones die in unforeseen circumstances. You can be very far from them, maybe in a different city or country. In these situations, we also provide a dead body freezer box on hire. 

dead body freezer box near me

This dead body freezer box near you will allow you to transfer the body in a preserved and timely manner. The box can help you take the body from the death place to your desired native place. The body starts to decay and deteriorate, if not kept in cool conditions.

The corpse may begin to worsen and have a foul odor soon after its demise. Dead body Freezer box rental services to help you preserve the body of the departed from breakdown and maintain its freshness. We want you to be able to fulfill all of your wishes while we take care of the details. In case of sudden demise or unnatural death, the body needs to go for autopsy, that’s where our dead body freezer box comes in handy. Our services are spread across Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Indirapuram.

Sometimes, this box allows you to see your loved ones one last time. This freezer box is particularly crucial for nursing homes and hospitals when they run out of other options. Many funeral services, on the other hand, are rather difficult and involve numerous detailed components that must be meticulously designed.

But, we assure you to provide end-to-end services, including dead body freezer box services of various kinds. The box is designed to cater to all your needs and keep the body preserved. The freezer box can delay the decaying process because of the low temperature that is retained.

The freezer box is composed of stainless steel and has two layers of safety protection. The temperature inside the box is usually between 0 to -8 degrees. Heat can cause the body to decay faster and spread germs. Before the actual rites begin, therefore these body boxes keep them in good condition.

Our services not only include dead body freezer boxes but also provide ambulance service for the transportation of caskets. We also take care of the casket by completely decorating it with garlands and flowers for their last journey. Our tagline has always been timely service, top-notch quality, and affordable rates. Quality, execution, service, and service enable us to keep in touch with our clients. We not only provide the finest value to our customers, but we also care about them.

We make every effort to rent you high-quality dead body freezer boxes the most quickly and cost-effectively possible. If you are searching for a dead body freezer box near me, we guarantee you a flawless service that causes the least amount of disruption to you since we understand your circumstances.


The average temperature maintained inside a freezer box for dead bodies is between zero and eight degrees Celsius.

Antim Sanskar Seva has competent freezer boxes that will avoid body decomposition for a day or two, depending on the temperature adjustments.

A freezer box does slow down the overall decomposition of the body because of lower temperatures. Still, a microbe attack is a process that happens as the body stops working and the person carries many decomposition microbes inside it.

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