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Prayer Hall Service

Antim Sanskar Seva is offering you handcrafted and personalized prayer hall services to bid the last goodbye to your dear departed. We are available in different parts of Delhi NCR, Noida Ghaziabad, and Indirapuram. 

The loss of a loved one is one of life’s most unexpected and devastating events. Only the bereaved families and friends can understand their pain. While we can’t make your pain go away and make the person live more, we want you to know that our Antim team is here to help in every step.

Understandably, you are mourning, and at the same time, your mind is hoping to have a dignified funeral ceremony. To make it easy and simple, Antim Sanskar Seva will provide you with a personalized prayer hall to pray for the departed. 

We will become part of your family and friends. Our professional team will guide you and let you grieve in peace without disturbing your mental peace. We wish to help you only remember the good memories while we take off the rest.

Prayer hall services near me

Our prayer hall service will help you in booking a perfect place to remember away from the chaos. We believe death is the same for anyone, we don’t differentiate between religious beliefs and practices. Our team will listen to your requests and guide the rest. 

Due to sudden demise, our minds and thoughts become hazy. Sometimes making decisions can be troublesome when we are in pain. However, we are here to provide the necessary advice and recommendations. 

We assist with floral arrangements and a personalized cuisine for guests in addition to scheduling the prayer halls. In addition to that, our team also helps in providing a photo frame as your size requests. Antim Sanskar Seva will personally deliver all the invites and other special customized wishes for the last journey of your loved ones. 

For prayer hall services, we provide customized options also. You can look over the list of locations where we can book a prayer gathering for you. We also take reservations for Gurdwaras, Mosques, Churches, Community Halls, and other similar venues as per the availability. You can define your criteria, and we will make sure you get exactly what you want.

Can we arrange for a priest to recite prayers in the prayer hall? Yes, our funeral services also include providing you with the best priest or pandit to help you pray. We will get a person that will help you perform all the last rites of your loved ones. 

Our Antim Sanskar Seva will assist you in coordinating the Prayer Meeting Services (Chautha, Uthaoni, Paath) on the date and venue of your choice.  We shall be in charge of all the things in the prayer meeting service, including the physical meeting in various places. For your convenience, we can also provide you with the prayer meeting which will be broadcasted via Zoom and YouTube.

You can contact us, and we’ll set up a time at your home or somewhere else with a current space available that your relatives can reach. All of your requests and preferences will be considered, and we make every effort to include them in all of the events providing you with the best prayer hall services.


We offer completely customizable prayer halls to quickly list the places you prefer, and we will try arranging the same. We can also book mosques, Gurdwaras, community halls, churches, mandirs, etc. You can specify the conditions that you need in your gallery.

The quantity can depend on the type of venue you book and how large it is. If you have a list of people who will come to the venue, you should check the count to ensure everyone gets the necessary space to interact.

Yes, we can definitely go through our contacts to find you reliable prayer hall priests, pundits, and every other type of elder who will read the last rites of the deceased.

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